The Solution For Both Weight Loss & Low Energy

Busy, on the go lifestyle and family responsibilities have our schedules jam-packed? Managing so much at once has people reaching for the wrong products to satiate themselves while trying to stay healthy. Sound familiar? Americans rely on drive-thru chains far too often in their busy lives and end up filled with regret.    

Recently, intermittent fasting has increasingly become one of the fastest trending diets around. The quick and easy solution that helps you shed excess pounds, all while providing you with the needed energy in the process.

Fasting is a quick and easy solution that helps
you shed excess pounds while increasing energy.

What is fasting and how does it benefit my body?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a time-limited fast where you alternate between eating regular meals and fasting (limiting foods to liquids, mainly). The key is when you can eat foods and when you cannot. Intermittent fasting methods involve daily

16-hour fasts or fasting for 24-hours, twice per week. The most popular intermittent fasting plan is the 5:2 Diet, which allows you to eat normally 5-days a week, while restricting your calories the remaining 2-days. Intermittent fasting is relatively inexpensive, and most people find drinking a smoothie, water, or green tea while on their intermittent fast, helps bridge the gap between meals.  

You will lose weight while your body excretes unnecessary toxins, naturally helping you feel energized. Your mind will be more alert. Your cognition will improve. And along with your memory enhancement, you will learn to condition yourself to not give up when life gets tough. Not eating can obviously make you feel hungry and often we want to reach for food – but it is important not to give in! It’s also crucial that you stay satiated during your intermittent fast.

The solution? The FastBlast® Smoothie! 

FastBlast Smoothies support intermittent fasting by helping you feel full longer, increasing energy levels and keeping the weight off! People who consume FastBlast Smoothies during their intermittent fast, find that it helps keep them both satiated and energized.

Without nutritional support during your fasting period, low energy levels and feelings of frustration are likely to take over. When our bodies are stressed, we experience flight or fight mode, where cells become damaged and do not perform optimally.   

Another amazing benefit that comes with fasting is autophagy. During autophagy our bodies remove old damaged cells and increase healthy cell strength, improving our overall health and decreasing our risks of certain diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Let’s discuss the powerful benefits of intermittent fasting

1. Weight loss – It has been scientifically proven that intermittent fasting will help you to lose weight quickly and healthily. During a fast, insulin levels decrease which facilitates the burning of fat.

2. Boosts metabolism – The shorter cycles found with intermittent fasting can actually boost your metabolism and help make your body more efficient. While long-term calorie restriction and long-term fasting has been found to have a negative impact on metabolism.

3. Brain Health and Neurodegenerative Functioning – Intermittent fasting promotes the growth of neurons and can enhance your memory.

4. Reducing Chronic Diseases – Fasting has been scientifically shown to strengthen your body’s resistance to stress and boost your immune systems.

5. Lowers Inflammation – Many diseases such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancers all stem from increased inflammation. Intermittent fasting aids in stabilizing inflammation, thus lowering our risks for chronic diseases.

6. Improves Heart Health – Intermittent fasting can help to lower your body fat as well as your cholesterol levels, improving your heart health.

7. Lower the Risk of Cancer – Intermittent fasting gives your body a break from producing new cells and can lessen the possibility of new cells becoming cancerous.

If you want to fast but don’t have a lot of time to prep and cook meals, try FastBlast Smoothie to supplement your meals.

For more information visit our website. Our lives are precious and valuable and should be lived to the fullest. Our longevity has the potential to be prolonged immensely when we regularly fast and take care of ourselves. We have free will to make positive choices that directly impact our brains and body mechanics. In direct proportion to using an intermittent fasting protocol – we begin to feel vibrant again and the fog is lifted.