Fasting and Healing

Fasting and Healing

Fasting and Healing

There is so much information out there about how to heal your body that it can get very confusing very fast.  Not to mention, so many diets claim to provide the best regimen for helping you lose weight and live longer. The truth is though that many of these claims are not backed by any evidence-based research. On the other hand, fasting has been shown time and again through research to help reduce the risk of disease.  Let’s explore a bit about fasting and what it can do to help your body heal.

Fasting has been shown time and time again
through research to help reduce the risk of disease.

About Autophagy

Autophagy is a fancy name for a process of the body cleansing itself of damaged or old proteins and organelles in the body that are no longer needed. It also helps cell growth, regulation, and is known for helping to prevent chronic diseases and other illness.

How Can Autophagy Help Me Heal? 

Research shows that autophagy can help heal the body and mind and can be triggered by short-term fasting.  Not only that, but preliminary research reports that autophagy may be linked to the treatment and prevention of certain cancers.

Intermittent fasting is a type of short-term fasting that can be helpful for those at risk or with diabetes. One study looked at the effects of intermittent fasting on those with type 2 diabetes. This study found that after two weeks, those on the fasting regimen had improved fasting blood glucose and body weight.

Another study looked at men with prediabetes and the effects of intermittent fasting on their health. After five weeks, the men on the intermittent fasting regimen had improved insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and oxidative stress with weight maintenance. This study shows that the benefits of fasting go way beyond weight loss. For example, oxidative stress, which can lead to cell damage, has been linked to increased risk of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, and diabetes, as well as skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, to name a few.

So, How do I fast?

Fasting can be done in many ways. The way that you choose will depend on several factors such as:

  • Your health status
  • When you work out and how often
  • Your current eating regimen and history

Intermittent fasting is a great way to start dabbling in the fasting world. If you fast too much too fast (no pun intended), then you will likely not be able to maintain your fasting regimen. Therefore, intermittent fasting, which involves a few to several days a week of 12+ hours of fasting, will get your body used to a longer non-eating period.

If you have a history of diabetes or low blood sugar, then you may want to do a shorter intermittent fast such as 12 hours of eating and 12 hours of fasting, informing your healthcare provider ahead of time. The biggest risk in this situation is having your blood sugar levels drop too low. The same recommendation goes for someone that would be on a certain medication that requires eating when taking it. You will want to plan your fast around this. Perhaps make your fasting time during bedtime, and your eating time during the time when you must take your medication.

If you work out at a certain time each day and work out intensely, then you will want to plan your fast around these times. It would be best to plan your eating time for the time before you work out and a bit after, then plan your fast for later that day or evening. This will ensure that you are able to consume enough protein and carbohydrates for muscle recovery after working out.

Finally, you will want to be sure you are used to eating a healthy diet before you start fasting.  This is because if you start fasting and just eat lots of processed foods during your eating hours, then you are not doing much good for your health. It is important that you understand how to balance your meals with plenty of whole foods like unprocessed proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fiber-rich nuts and seeds. These foods will provide your body the nutrients you need during eating hours.

If you want to fast, but don’t have a lot of time to prep and cook meals, try FastBlast® Smoothie to supplement your meals. FastBlast is a delicious banana-berry smoothie that contains a balance of organic protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat to help curb your cravings and appetite all day. Just replace your meals on your fasting days with six smoothies and eat sensibly on your non-fasting days.  If you feel like you may not be getting all of your nutrients on fasting days, use FastBlast® Daily Essentials to give you a daily dose of fermented foods and gut healthy beta-glucan for digestive support.

“If you want to fast but don’t have a lot of time to prep and cook meals, try FastBlast Smoothie to supplement your meals.”

Weight loss and intermittent fasting

The popularity of intermittent fasting has stemmed from the fact that it has been shown to help people lose weight. Although for some, just the avoidance of over-grazing throughout the day can help with this success, fasting is effective for reasons other than weight loss too.

Recent research has shown intermittent fasting to help with improving metabolic factors such as glucose and insulin sensitivity in the blood. In other words, this type of diet regimen can help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other related chronic conditions.

So, should I fast?

The bottom line is that there are many ways that fasting can help your body heal. And every day, more research is showing us these health benefits. Therefore, unless your doctor shows concern, a little bit of fasting may do your body good.

FastBlast Makes Fasting EASY.
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Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD, LDN.
Fasting and Healing

Get Fit with Intermittent Fasting

Get Fit With Intermittent Fasting 

If you have tried every diet you can think of, and are still having problems finding long-term success, then perhaps it’s time to try intermittent fasting. Unlike what you may imagine, this type of fasting is very versatile and does not feel restrictive if done healthfully. Fasting involves limiting the amount of time you consume calories each day to help aid weight loss. There are many ways to incorporate fasting into your health regimen, and each provides health benefits. The key to making fasting work for your healthy lifestyle is to make sure you are feeding your body correctly during non-fasting hours and providing your body enough time to fast each day.

Fasting involves limiting the amount of time
you consume calories each day to help aid weight loss.

What is Intermittent fasting? How to be successful!

Intermittent fasting, by definition, is exactly what it sounds like, cycling between periods of fasting and non-fasting. No lemon juice and cayenne pepper fasting here. You can still eat food during intermittent fasting. However, you are encouraged to use the hours of feeding for the most nutritious food possible to make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

Intermittent fasting can be as restrictive, or lenient as you choose for it to be. The minimum recommended fasting period is 12 hours. In this case, you would fast for 12 hours, followed by 12 hours of eating your meals and snacks. During the fasting period, you should drink plenty of water and zero to low-calorie beverages to stay hydrated like water (infused or plain), tea, and if you need a caffeine kick, coffee would be ok too (just limit the creamer and sugar!).

You can choose to engage in longer intermittent fasting periods, do intermittent fasting every
day, or rotate a couple of intermittent fasting days with 5 days of non-fasting days. Do whatever works best for you and your lifestyle and be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about what intermittent fasting variation would be best for you, especially if you take certain medications or have a chronic disease.

There is no specified time for your fasting period to start, but just schedule it during a time that will be most convenient for your schedule, so you can stick to it. For example, if you know you have a vigorous workout in the morning, you wouldn’t want to start your fast right after this time.

Instead, maybe start your fast at, let’s say 7 pm, then end your fast at 7 am or later. Then you
can eat a balanced meal or meal replacement right after your workout to help your muscles

“There is no specified time for a fasting period to start, but just schedule it during a time that will be most convenient for you.”

Weight loss and intermittent fasting

The popularity of intermittent fasting has stemmed from the fact that it has been shown to help people lose weight. Although for some, just the avoidance of over-grazing throughout the day can help with this success, fasting is effective for reasons other than weight loss too.

Recent research has shown intermittent fasting to help with improving metabolic factors such as glucose and insulin sensitivity in the blood. In other words, this type of diet regimen can help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other related chronic conditions.

Staying healthy while fasting

While you are fasting, it is important to consume enough nutrients during your feeding period to help you stay nourished. This can sometimes be hard to do with busy schedules making meal prep difficult. Or you may just not be sure which foods to eat to get necessary nutrients. One option is to get a pre-packaged meal replacement to specifically help those on an intermittent fasting regimen to stay on track.

An example of this is the FastBlast ® Smoothie by The Nutra Company. This delicious Banana-Berry Smoothie provides a nutritious meal replacement that is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO, so it works with just about every healthy lifestyle. Organic ingredients, packaged in a convenient on-the-go packet, can make your intermittent fasting days easier and keep you full of natural energy.

Other important things to remember on your intermittent fasting regimen are:

  • If you have a nutrient deficiency, be sure to take any necessary multivitamin or
    supplements to ensure that you give your body what it needs every day.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially on your fasting days to help control
    your appetite.
  • After your intermittent fasts, be sure to stick to small, simple meals to help your body get used to digesting solid food again. Examples are soft foods like fish, avocado, beans,
    and berries, which are filling and full of nutrients.

FastBlast Makes Fasting EASY.
By giving you the tool you need to get “unstuck” and hit
your weight goals using the 5:2 method.

Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD, LDN.

Fasting and Healing

What is Autophagy and How Can It Change Your Life?

What is Autophagy
and How Can it Change Your Life?

Autophagy, also referred to as ‘self-eating’, is a process by which cells eat, or recycle, their own internal dysfunctional components.

The initial thought of a cell devouring itself sounds like a bad thing, but dig a little deeper and you will discover why autophagy is so important…

Autophagy serves many functions and offers many benefits, beginning by eliminating subcellular debris and removing the ‘garbage’ from our systems.

“We aren’t getting any younger,
and our cells aren’t either.”

Consider the process of autophagy as ‘survival of the fittest’, the stronger cells work to consume the weak, causing our bodies to perform at their best.

During autophagy, we have an increase in what is called autophagosomes, which are vesselicals that travel throughout the cell to eat useless proteins and portions of the cell before they enter the lysosome.

Think of autophagosomes like snipers, targeting and destroying weak proteins and waste. By increasing the number of autophagosomes in our bodies through intermittent fasting, we can increase the rate at which waste and useless proteins are eliminated causing cellular repair to occur at a more rapid rate.

In a recent study, after only 24 hours of fasting autophagosomes were increased by 300%. While we cannot produce new cells with autophagy we can increase our cells strength, the amount our bodies go through the autophagy process, and our overall health.

We aren’t getting any younger and our cells aren’t either…

Our once young and vibrate cells are aging with us and one day will cease to exist when we do.

If you compare someone that fasts often against someone that does not you will find they look younger even at an older age because they have put their body through many autophagy processes in order to build stronger cells.

When autophagy is impaired, and there are fewer autophagosomes in our brain cells we are at risk for a plethora of diseases and infection (both viral and bacterial), inflammation and autoimmunity, neurodegeneration, insulin resistance, and cancer, and it plays an important role in aging itself. 3,5

“If you compare someone that fasts often against someone that does not you will find they look younger… even at an older age”

Key to the aging process is the accumulation of molecular damage. This takes the form of improperly functioning organelles, a buildup of abnormal protein deposits, faulty enzymes, and the accumulation of genetic damage and mutations. 1

Much of medical care now focuses on the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, which arise from the buildup of molecular damage…

However, without autophagy occurring, the build-up of debris in the cells can essentially spread throughout the rest of the body causing damage to more cells. Almost like a rotten apple causing the rest of apples to go bad.

Autophagy is also being investigated in the medical community for its role in age reversal. After all, it is the body’s most natural and efficient response at combating aging through eliminating injured organelles and inhibiting the creation of reactive oxidative species that promote molecular damage.

Examples of important autophagic functions include the removal of damaged mitochondria (the cell’s energy powerhouses), the removal of misfolded proteins that cause toxicity and accumulate during aging, stress, and disease, and the breakdown of fats, or lipids.

Autophagy plays a particularly critical role in immune function by helping to eliminate foreign invaders as well as by repressing excessive inflammation.

For example, autophagic processes can directly digest bacteria and viruses but can also decrease cellular signals that stimulate the immune response. Furthermore, autophagy plays a role in antibody production and also decreases the risk of self-destructive autoimmune diseases.

Autophagy plays a role in antibody production and also decreases the risk of self-destructive autoimmune diseases.

A healthy lifestyle that includes intermittent fasting is a potent trigger for autophagy in many different organs. There are other potent inducers of autophagy that are a part of a healthy lifestyle as well. These include exercise and a ketogenic diet. Studies show that training performance, muscle gains, and nutrient absorption improved in those who were fasting. Ketosis is also a potent way to stimulate autophagy.

The metabolic process that occurs during ketosis is when the body is specifically starved of carbohydrates. Fats are broken down to ketone bodies and used as a source of energy instead of glucose, which is particularly important to organs that are highly metabolically active, such as the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle.6 A full ketogenic diet contains no more than 50 g of carbohydrates per day but enhanced ketosis can be seen in diets with as much as 150 g of carbohydrates daily.7 Once your body is adapted to a keto diet your brain can run on ketones. Fat is very energy-efficient and your brain is a large energy consumer. Many say the mental clarity that comes with a keto diet is well worth the sacrifice.

In summary, autophagy represents the cell’s way of housekeeping and recycling damaged and poorly functioning components. When properly regulated, it’s a powerful tool that promotes health and longevity. A nutritious diet (such as one provided by FastBlast smoothies) that includes intermittent fasting plus regular exercise will help your body’s cells maximize their potential through autophagy.

FastBlast Makes Fasting EASY.
By giving you the tool you need to get “unstuck” and hit
your weight goals using the 5:2 intermittent fasting method.

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Fasting and Healing

Forget What You Know or Have Read About Intermittent Fasting

Forget What You Know or Have Read About Intermittent Fasting 
(Including the 8hr “eating window”)

When someone says “intermittent fasting,” what comes to mind?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “old reliable” 16:8 plan:

  • Eat nothing for 16 hours
  • Eat whatever you want for 8 hours
  • Repeat… Every. Single. Day…

This is the technique most folks in the intermittent fasting community swear by.

“It resets your hunger hormones,” they say. “It fires up your metabolism. It changes your relationship with food!”

Well, here’s the hard truth:

It’s not the only, or even the best method. In fact, it barely qualifies as “fasting.”

I know, I know. Bold statement, especially when every fitness guru and news channel talks about intermittent fasting like that’s the only way to do it.

And I’ll tell you right out of the gate… I’m telling you this to get you interested in a product.

But it’s true. Let me ask you this:

What’s actually happening
to your body when you fast?

Your body has a lot of “internal clocks,” but there’s no magical 16-hour countdown.

In other words: it’s not about the last time you ate, it’s about how quickly you burn through your food energy.

Once your body runs out of food, it starts burning fat stores for energy

That’s when you get all the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting like:

  • Resetting hormones so you feel more satisfied by eating less food
  • Boosting metabolism and giving you more energy
  • Growing more brain cells so you’re sharper, happier, and more focused

Intermittent fasting is a fast-track to better health, mood, and focus… if you do it right!

First, you need to think about human instinct:

Our bodies are designed for a world where food isn’t always available.

Our bodies follow 1 rule:

Stock up in times of abundance, so you can survive in times of deprivation.

Our hormones go into “stockpile” mode at the end of a 16-hour fast…

… so we “pig out” or binge on that first meal…

… “reward” ourselves for good fasting by choosing to eat low-quality foods…

… and “top up” before starting the next fast, eating another heavy meal.

The result??
It’s easy to OVEREAT while doing a 16-hour fast.

And if you overeat, then your body doesn’t get into a “fasted state,” even after 14 or 16 hours!

And if that doesn’t happen, you might as well not be fasting at all.

Traditional diets don’t work…
You need a community to support you,
a plan you can stick to, and a product that helps you.

FastBlast is an all-inclusive fasting program that approaches intermittent fasting differently. 

First… it uses the 5:2 method NOT the 16:8.

The 5:2 method lets you eat whatever you want for 5 days of the week.

The other 2 days — your FastBlast days — you only eat 25% of your normal calories.

This mathematically guarantees your body will deplete its food reserves… something the 16:8 method can’t do.

So even though it seems more restrictive, the 5:2 method frees you from traditional dieting because you can eat as you like for 5 days out of the week!

“That sounds great,” you’re saying, “but how do you go a whole day with only 25% of your normal calories?”

The 5:2 method is much more effective at getting your body to burn fat, boost your energy, and increase your mental focus…

… but it usually takes a bit of work:

  • Rigorously calorie counting  on fasting / regular days
  • Planning meals for fasting days / meal prepping 
  • Fighting off a mental battle with hunger all day long

FastBlast Makes Fasting EASY.
By giving you the tool you need to get “unstuck” and hit
your weight goals using the 5:2 method.

The FastBlast Smoothie is the ONLY product specifically designed for the 5:2 method.

It’s a perfect blend of 10 USDA certified Organic superfoods including protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

It’s designed to curb your appetite, so you barely notice you’re fasting.

And it’s incredibly simple and convenient: just drink 5-6 pouches (depending on your weight) all day. Drink them on the go, at your desk, or anytime — anywhere.

You can still drink black coffee, tea, and water… but all your food comes from FastBlast on those 2 fasting days a week.

Just twist the cap and squeeze the pouch of our sweet, nourishing banana-berry smoothie.

It’s also chock full of probiotics and essential vitamins to make it easy to digest on your gut, reduce inflammation, and help your body thrive on limited calories.

And you can save 15% plus FREE shipping when you try it today for a limited time only!

It’s a small price to pay for a boosted metabolism and feeling great all week long.


Ready to say goodbye to the old days of intermittent fasting
and traditional diets that simply do not work?

Day 1 – Accessing Your FastBlast Account

Day 1 – Accessing Your FastBlast Account

Watch the video or read the email below to discover:

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Hi, my name is Brooks Briz, I’m one of the owners here at FastBlast and I’m here to show you how to use your new FastBlast account!

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First, I’m going to go access my account over at and I’m going to use the credentials that were emailed to me when I set up my account.

If you don’t have this email or can’t remember the login, just click the “lost password?” link right here and you can get those login details emailed to you.

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Okay, I’m going to go ahead and put in my login credentials and then I’ll be taken to the backend where I can see my entire account, cancel, make changes, and so forth.

Under “Your Orders” is where you’ll see your total orders and active subscriptions at the top.

If you’d like to see the details of your individual orders, please feel free to click the “View” button or the order number.

If you’d like to add or modify your payment details, simply click the “payment methods” button and you can change your payment method, add a new one, or delete payment info.

If you would like to edit your login information, just click the “login & security” button where you can change your name, email address, and password.

If you’d like to edit your billing or shipping addresses then here’s where you would just click the “Addresses” button and then click the “Edit” button adjacent to the billing or shipping address and hit “save address” at the bottom.

If you wish to change your subscription info, click the “Your Subscriptions” button and you can change, cancel, or modify your current subscription. Let’s say I wanted to delay my shipment for 30 more days, I would just click the “View, Modify, Cancel” button and select the “pause subscription” button.

Let’s also suppose that I want to cancel my order, I would simply hit the “Cancel” button and then the “Confirm Cancellation” button.

If I wanted to change my address or change my payment type, I also have buttons here to do that.

If I wanted to modify my order and let’s say change my monthly delivery to every other month, then I would click the “Modify” button, choose “bi-monthly,” confirm that all of the payment and shipping info is correct, check the “I’ve read and accept the terms and conditions” and then click “Place Order.”

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Thank you again for joining the FastBlast family and we look forward to celebrating your success with you!

Day 1 – Accessing Your FastBlast Account

Day 6 – FastBlast Daily Giveaway

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You’ve now completed the FastBlast welcoming process and you’ve got everything that you need to be successful. Now all you have to do is keep chipping away at it and stick with the FastBlast lifestyle.

Remember: you’re only going to get out what you put in! It’s time to change your life once and for all.

You deserve to lose those stubborn pounds and become the healthiest you’ve ever become.

In the coming days, we’ll be in touch with helpful testimonials, stories, and advice to help keep you motivated and focused on your end goals. Talk to you soon!

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